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HealthCare Management Blog 2.0 – New layout and features!!!

TGIF!! to all our loyal readers. We are happy to unveil our new presentation and cool new features.

Why we changed our site presentation?

As you can see we have changed our site layout design. The motivation behind this is to provide better readability and user friendly interface. Also, we picked this design after exhaustively researching usability of several hundred designs. As our site and community grows, we would like to provide many more exciting features and this site is better suited for that.

What is new ?

1. Registration: Readers can now register by simply clicking the register link under Meta. This is particularly useful for users who would like to contribute articles, ideas and tools on a regular basis

2. Search: We don’t need to explain that to the googler’s of the world do we ?

3. Entries RSS and widgets to embed in your site: You can now subsribe to this site via a host of reader services such as google reader, news gator, netvibes etc.

You can also embed entries on this site as a widget on your personal site or social network page!!. Just click on entries rss for this.

4. Monthly Archives: Access prior month posts quickly and easily with the archives organized by month. You can get to the archives using either the left navigation panel and the right navigation panel